BF3 Conquest League | SASS take the winner’s cheque [PS3]

Well, it’s not really a cheque, but it’s certainly prizes to the value of some people’s monthly income.

Not satisfied with taken the Apex Interactive Squad Rush League a few months ago, PS3 clan SASS have now cemented their domination of South Africa’s PS3 Battlefield and gone on to win the Apex Interactive Gioteck BF3 Conquest League.

From the Press Release:

After much debate, LeStat (NiNE) stepped up to be main organizer of the league. After the start of the league LeStat withdrew and MorneOkelly (TAGU) took over with all admin hosted on GFY’s Website.

It started September 13th in a pool based event with 4 pools battling it out for the top 2 advancement places.

The 8 teams that advanced to knockouts were:
SASS Apocalypse (win) vs. NIN
SASS Judgement vs. LGD (win)
NiNE (win) vs. TAGU
SzG (win) vs. MoM

Now finally the date was set for the final showdown. SASS Apocalypse vs. NiNE. Both teams entered the final unbeaten.Thursday, 25 October, 20:30. The final was to be conducted as followed: 1 Team death match to warm up and 8 conquest maps. If a draw was reached then sudden death would take place.

Team Death Match: SASS win 100 – 82 tickets
Map 1: Damavand Peak – SASS win by 119 tickets.
Map 2: Tehran Highway – SASS win by 169 tickets.
Map 3: Karg Island – NiNE win by 3 tickets.
Map 4: Seinne Crossing – SASS win by 120 tickets.
Map 5: Operation Firestorm – NiNE win by 23 tickets.
Map 6: Operation Metro – SASS win by 186 tickets
Map 7: Grand Bazaar – NiNE win by 79 tickets.
Map 8: Caspian Border – NiNE win by 25 tickets.

This led to the Sudden Death tie breaker map. Ruan Kraft aka Mr-Beefy_PS said ”All the SASS guys knew it was now or never, they had to give it their all, and what I saw in the final map was SASS members shooting and attacking like I never saw them before. That was the fight in them; the will to win that made them so aggressive on the battlefield.”
Tie Breaker: Damavand Peak – SASS win by 138 tickets.

SASS Apocalypse are still the reigning champions in local Battlefield 3 competitions with a win of 5-4 in the Apex Interactive Gioteck BF3 Conquest League.

“We would like to congratulate all teams involved on their professionalism and passion for gaming. Well done! And watch this space for more events coming soon.” Alexia Scotten, Apex Interactive representative.

The winners each receive a Gioteck VX-1 Controller and Dead Island Game of the Year Edition PS3, with the runners up taking home a Gioteck EX-01 Headset each with various EA games for PS3 totaling over R16 000’s worth of prizes.

More information on Gioteck™ peripherals can be found at