Bethesda Reassure Skyrim DLC for Playstation 3 “Will be Coming”

Playstation 3 The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim players have been up in arms after falling behind with DLC, after a hitch hampered the release of the ‘Dawnguard’  downloadable content for the Playstation 3 version.

At the time Bethesda blamed the Playstation 3 for the issues and not the content itself. Promises were made that Bethesda was working with Sony to resolve the issue. Since then there have been whispers of release dates, but nothing concrete.

MCV are now reporting on Bethesda PR and marketing head, Pete Hines who took to Twitter in response to the questions regarding the lack of any of the title’s DLC for the Playstation 3.

“We continue to work on it. And content will be coming to PS3,” claims Hines.

“Will give details when I have them.”

In the meantime, Xbox 360 users have received a second drop of content and the third, ‘Dragonborn’ has already been confirmed for the Xbox 360, but only the Xbox 360.

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