Battlefield3 | No split-screen co-op

Hey buddy. Let me help you up.

Firstly, just to be clear – there will be separate co-op levels in Battlefield 3 – you will just have to play them online.

“No, you have to be online to do it [co-op],” DICE general manager Karl Magnus Troedsson told Gaming Lives at Gamescom.

At launch (DLC opportunity noted), there will be six co-op levels to play which are separate from the game’s campaign.  The co-op levels will take – depending on the level played, your ability and difficulty – between 20 and 45 minutes to complete, but will pack a re-playability factor due to “random factors”.

You will be able to compare your times and scores with your friends on completing the co-op levels and points will be awarded for displaying a level of teamwork – rather than being a Rambo.