Battlefield tech dev says Call of Duty graphics “won’t cut it” on next generation


Geomerics specialize in creating lighting technology for the video game industry. The company’s main product, Enlighten, was incorporated into the Frostbite 2 engine used by DICE in Battlefield 3.

In a recent interview with Hip Hop Gamer [as cited by Examiner] Geomeric CEO, Chris Doran spoke of the graphical pri­or­i­ties between Call of Duty and the Bat­tle­field series, by their respective developing studios.

Doran explained that with this gen­er­a­tion, Activision were focused on hitting 60 frames per sec­ond, whereas Dice were willing to trade off 30 frames per sec­ond in order to achieve a “bet­ter graph­ic quality.”

He also spoke of what he feels won’t work for Activision, graph­i­cal­ly, with the next generation.

“For this gen­er­a­tion, they (Activi­son) had a dif­fer­ent focus than Dice. Activi­son were really… the key thing for them was hit­ting 60 frames per sec­ond. They were absolute­ly con­vinced you need that. The Dice guy’s were pre­pared to trade for 30 frames per sec­ond if it got you bet­ter graph­ic quality,” Doran claimed.

“What I can say is for next gen­er­a­tion is that you have to have a solu­tion for this prob­lem going for­ward. I don’t think the com­plete­ly sorta sta­t­ic baked light­ing we have seen in this con­sole cycle will cut it dur­ing this gen­er­a­tion”

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