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MWEB Gamezone – in conjunction with sponsors Gioteck and Apex Interactive – have announced the Battlefield 4 First Recon single elimination tournament for both the Xbox 360 and the PC.

The maximum number of teams that will be allowed on each platform is 32, but MWEB Gamezone have stated that they reserve the right to cancel the tournaments if a minimum number of teams (eight on Xbox 360 and 16 on PC) have not entered. Each team must consist of five players, and a sixth reserve player is allowed.

The knockouts will be played over “not one, but up to THREE different modes in a best-of-three (BO3) style mixup with the following modes:

  • Obliteration
  • Domination
  • Defuse (as a tie-breaker)”

Maps are still being decided on, but players are welcome to put forward their ideas on the Gamezone forums.

Of course, the driving factor with any tournament is the prizes, and in this instance, Gioteck and Apex Interactive have come to the party.

Xbox 360

  1. First Prize: Gioteck EX-05 Multi-platform Wired Headset
  2. Second Prize: Gioteck XBox Elite Essentials Pack (includes EX-03 Headset, HDMI Cable, Battery Pack, P&C Cable)
  3. Third Prize: Gioteck TX-2 Throat Mic


  1. First Prize: Gioteck EX-05 Multi-platform Wired Headset
  2. Second Prize: Battlefield 3 Messenger Bag & Battlefield 4 Dogtags with special unlock code
  3. Third Prize: VX-1 Wired Controller

Critical information you will need to know:

Where to Sign up and create your team: Right Here!
Where to Sign your Team: Here for PC and here for XBox 360
Need help in creating your Team?Find out how to here!
Registration opens: From Today!
Registration Closes: 24th November 2013
Online component Play Window: 25th November – 8th December 2013
Quarter-Finals Date: 14th December 2013


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