Battlefield 3 Premium has hit 800 000 paid subscribers in its first two weeks which may see a similar version brought to other EA titles in the future.

Patrick Soderlund, head of the EA Games label, said to USA Today that the service was running ahead of EA’s expectations.

“We are very pleased with the performance so far.”

“We’re actually only two weeks into it, so it’s a little early to tell how this is going to pay off,” added Soderlund. “It certainly looks very promising right now.”

Meanwhile, EA’s Frank Gibeau when speaking to GamesIndustry declared the Premium service as being better than Call of Duty Elite, and also suggested it could find its way to other EA properties.

“We’ve launched subscription businesses in our other categories. We had EA Sports subscription before Elite came out, so adding that component to the design is not a reaction. It’s something we’d always been considering and we had been looking at.”

“Having said that, they [Activision] did something really innovative and if your competitor does something innovative and you think it applies to what you can do, then there’s no harm in doing that.”

“We actually think our Premium service exceeds what Elite does – from a value standpoint, from a content standpoint, and longer term we think that we can bring more properties into that offering and that’ll be great for the business.”