Battlefield 3 | Apex Interactive BF3 Squad Rush League

Once again, we are pleased to see another great example of the SA gaming community, local distributors and sponsors coming together to make things happen in South African gaming.

This time – and we’ll sheepishly admit to having missed the launch of this – it’s the PlayStation 3 Battlefield 3 Squad Rush League that is sponsored by Apex Interactive, along with EA and an as yet unannounced mysterious and “HUGE!” sponsor.  The league is being managed by Mr. Beefy from the clan SASS.

Originally the “BF3 Social Squad Rush League” the recently renamed tournament is anything but “social”.  Well, for a R20 000 first prize who is going to be “nice”?!  We’re sure that it will be all played in good spirits but this kind of incentive is sure to bring out a fighting spirit in everyone participating.

The overall prize packet is worth over R40 000.  The winning team will get a sponsorship deal from Apex Interactive and a “Leading Hardware Range” with prizes valued over R20 000, while the second and third finishers will receive prizes valued over R12 000 and R8 000 respectively.

While the league is already well and truly under way we’re sure there will be plenty more to come in the future – a future that looks very bright for SA gaming indeed.

For more information, like Apex Interactive (results and tables are being updated there), check out the related threads on the PS3 forums or head to SASS’s website.