Rocksteady surprised fans a few weeks ago by revealing that the next chapter in the Arkham series, the next-gen bound Batman: Arkham Knight, will also star the Batmobile.

Gotham will be an open-world playground, and a Gotham apparently that would only possible with the new consoles. Rocksteady says the capabilities of the new consoles was vital to produce the much larger and vibrant Gotham, something that was crucial in delivering “an awesome Batmobile experience.”

Eurogamer transcribed the words of Rocksteady producer Dax Ginn from a recent Batman: Arkham Knight presentation, where Ginn revealed a lit more of what we can look forward to.

“We couldn’t have gone five times smaller and had an awesome Batmobile experience,” explained Ginn.

“We need to be clear about what this game is going to bring that’s different and new and exciting. The answer? The Batmobile.

“So what’s going to need to change in order to make that incredible? That justifies the size.”

And to cruise around in your Batmobile will be a Gotham that will be five times bigger than the open world of Arkham City.

Another feature that has been improved on, a feature that the series became famous for, is the combat. An example which got our attention is how Batman will now be able to deploy gadgets while gliding, which should make for even more creative surprise attacks.