Batman Arkham Asylum: Preview

by Victor ‘r0gue’ Vieira

This one looks like it could be a ‘show-stopper’. It will be available locally late August on both Xbox 360 and PS3. Developed by Rocksteady Studios and publish by Eidos Interactive. With Eidos it is said that reviews may only be published if they are rated 90 up. So for now Metacritic has only two reviews up, both very promising.

Arkham Asylum has you the player assuming the role of Batman…..schwaaaaa that sounds good already. Your main mission will be to deliver The Joker to Arkham Asylum. The Asylum is filled with Gotham’s super-villains who are hell-bent on stopping you.

The game ‘trump-card’ will be the immersive ‘free-flowing’ combat. This seems to be ground-breaking and will show off some new directions to gamers. You can expect all of Batman’s gadgets and abilities to help you along.

very nice application of the Unreal engine makes everything glisten and move and the character models ok realistic yet unrealistic. They are true comic book characters come to 3D life, rippling with muscles, and fantastically proportioned. Batman is a freak, and looks like he should be playing defensive end for the Steelers (or Cardinals, please don’t send me hate mail). This is definitely not Christian Bale.

This entire game is more of a throwback to the original Batman than any of the newer Dark Knight stuff anyway. Well, maybe not all the way back to the goofy 1960’s Batman. But a truly “classic” feeling Batman at his comic book heights. It should remind you a lot of the animated series, with which it shares its voice-acting cast, Batman: Arkham Asylum is written by the same guy as well, Paul Dini. Nice credentials all around, but nothing will slap you in the face as hard as the character design. That credit goes to WildStorm, which is kind of a big deal. At least that’s what GameSpy’s Gabe Graziani told me, and he’s a nerd so I trust him.

In addition to the awesomely buff B-man, there’s a gargantuan version of Killer Croc (like 12 feet high and rising) who will snarl at you with a set of teeth bigger than you are. A little later on you’ll run into Harley Quinn who’s about to step out to some slutty Halloween party, and you’ll even an appearance by a gruesome Victor Szasz. We’re promised that this is only the tip of the iceberg as far as cameos go, but they wouldn’t tell us anymore at this point. Fanboys will surely rejoice at each one, even the third and fourth tier dudes.’

I am sure we will find that this might even impress Paul Dini (writer of Batman) himself.


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