Bad Company Issues And Suggestions [PC]


Battlefield: Bad Company 2 got off to bad start with its Multiplayer mode on PC. EA DICE reassures pc gamers that they are aware of the problem.

DICE tweeted, “We are aware of the connection issues some PC users are experiencing. We are working on a solution.”

The issues reported are that player’s playing time gets cuts off, players are getting kicked out for a ‘Punkbuster’ violation, random kicks, inability to connect to EA Online through the game for login, missing servers from the master list, and more.

 Here are the recommended fixes to try to connect to servers:

– Uninstall the BC2 BETA

– Look in MY Documents for BC2 BETA directory. If it exists delete it.

– Look where BC2 BETA was installed, if the BC2 BETA directory remains, delete it.

– Try running the game again.

– For all the players connecting to servers and being kicked straight away (and pbsetup.exe or manual updating didn’t help) then you will be happy to know we are sending out R4 servers to our hosting providers which will hopefully solve this issue.

Hope this work for you pc fans.


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