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UKIE welcomes Sony’s combatting of mod-chip

Video games and interactive entertainment trade body UKIE, fully supports its member, Sony Computer Entertainment Europe’s (SCEE), recent success in combatting the illegal trade in copied video games and the sale of illegal modification chips (modchips).

PS3 Break, an illegal modchip that allows illegal copies of video games to be played on the PlayStation®3 (PS3™) console, has been available in the UK since 13 September.

Enslaved: If we like it, there’ll be a sequel

So there will be a sequel.

Ninja Theory, Enslaved developers, have also announced the new Devil May Cry. With Enslaved on the brink of going on sale, one can deduce that the team have only DLC for Enslaved and DMC to work on.

Ninja Theory’s co-founder, Tameem Antoniades has revealed that the they have been growing their team in the past year to be able to work on two games simultaneously. He also explained that the studio has not ‘specifically’ prepared for a sequel but they do have the capacity to cater for it.

PSN to get Medal of Honor demo, tomorrow?

EA is releasing a demo for the game this week for Playstation 3 users, much like the “public beta” PC users will be recieving this week.

EA say the reason they are posting the multiplayer demo “is so people can judge for themselves. Does changing one word in the menu screen have any impact on the actual play offthe game that takes place in Afghanistan? If they think we shouldn’t have done that, I urge them to play it.”

Gran Turismo 5: hands-on impressions

One of the biggest advantages of being in Johannesburg this past weekend was that Gran Turismo 5 was playable at rAge 2010.

Understandably, the various steering wheel/seat/pedal pods sampling the upcoming GT5 were hard to get to. I did manage to get a few laps in a Mercedes SLR. I wanted to see what the physics were like, the most important aspect of a simulator. Did I find them to my taste? Hell yeah.

As a ‘core’ gamer, have you changed your mind about Medal of Honor?

As an ‘older’ gamer I was eagerly waiting for Medal of Honor. It’s a DICE developed shooter, a great formula in which I know and trust. The fact that Medal of Honor is based on a real war is an added bonus – no ‘kiddy’ stuff, the real deal. I am not a sadist, I do not wish any harm to NATO forces at the hands of the Taliban. In reality I do not believe in killing of anyone really, but I am able to separate reality from fiction and I relish the opportunity to carry out acts that I would not consider in reality.

Gaming going digital could shift the balance of market leaders

According to Phil Harrison, former Sony Worldwide Studios president, the transition of the games in retail form to digital downloadable ones could change the balance of the leading gaming companies in the coming years.

Speaking at the Games Invest 2010 event in London today, Harrison reportedly explained that this is a fantastic time to start a company [gaming] as the market is going through exponential growth, which he said is predicted to “double in size over the next five years.”  Harrison said the market is also “going through some challenges, going through reinvention as it changes from packaged goods to an online digital market. And that transition is going to be painful, it’s going to destroy value in some companies and create value in others.”