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OnLive drops its monthly fee permanently

In a surprising, but calculated move, OnLive announced today that it is permanently eliminating its base monthly fee. The online-only service launched in June with a base monthly fee of $4.95 a month. Thereafter gamers had to pay for games that they purchased. OnLive also had a special introductory deal going making the first year of the service free for founding members. Now the fee dropping…

Online play killing game sales

Publishers are hoping for a resurgence in sales that could lead into a strong holiday season for a sector undergoing a massive shift in consumer habits. Gamers are shifting their purchasing behaviour for buying games in a store to buying online,  DLC or buying games that have a strong online factor. It is totally understandable given the price of games versus longevity. You could easily buy two titles this year and be entertained all year round – online and DLC would keep you going.

Golden Joystick Awards 2010: Uncharted 2, FFXIII, Mass Effect 2 all up for soundtrack award

The title race is wide open in the Golden Joystick Awards Soundtrack Of The Year category as very few votes split the contenders vying for video gaming’s top music accolade.

The attention to detail and production values in contemporary blockbuster videogames is highlighted in the leading pack which includes ‘Final Fantasy XIII’, scored by Japanese composer Masashi Hamauzu, was released as an album in its own right, selling over 16,000 copies. Ultimate metal game ‘Brutal Legend’ featured a fearsome 107 tracks from 75 hard rock artist and FPS smash hit ‘Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 2’ boasted a beautiful theme created by Hollywood composer Hans Zimmer – perhaps best known for his movie soundtracks for ‘Gladiator’,‘Inception’ and‘Pirates of the Caribbean’.

Also in the race for gamers’ votes before the voting competition closes on 25th October is historical fantasy game ‘Assassin’s Creed 2’, with a score recorded at the famous Capitol Records using a 35-piece string ensemble and a 13-strong choir. ‘Mass Effect 2’s atmospheric soundtrack was composed and produced by Wall Of Sound inc and’GTA IV: Episodes From Liberty City’ which features no less than 150 songs across its legendary radio stations. Both are big contenders in this often-overlooked aspect of video gaming’s multi-sensory appeal.

Gaming industry could contribute to the costs of ‘gaming addiction’ research

UKIE chairman, Andy Payne has reportedly said more research is needed into the issue of possible addiction to videogames, saying that the word ‘addiction’ is quite an emotive one.

Payne says that when talking about clinical addiction, it is proven to be something that people want as a dependency and therefore “we have to look at the evidence and the research.” He added that the industry could even be willing to contribute to the costs of research, support for those affected and (or if) a clinical issue can be proven.