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COD: Black Ops Prestige Edition

You know the drill with Call of Duty Hardened and Prestige editions. Hardened includes some cool stuff and the Prestige includes some over-the-top cool gizmo. Black Ops is no different. Activision have announced the contents of the editions: Hardened Edition includes a custom Black Ops limited edition medal, exclusive Black Ops Avatar outfit, as well as four playable co-operative maps. Prestige includes…

Doom 4 Reveal Tomorrow? [RUMOUR]

Another title that never seems to die is ‘Doom’. A game that is nearly as old as gaming itself. And a new one could be revealed at Quakecon in the US tomorrow. This is assumed because of a tweet from John Carmack from id software. It looks as though they are about to unveil something “neat and unannounced”. This from John Carmack’s Twitter page: I’m showing something…

Kinect Bundle Spotted

Obviously Microsoft are not saying a word on any Kinect bundles that may be headed our way, it would effect sales of current consoles. However Joystiq have spotted a little snippet of  a new bundle for Kinect which includes the new console. Microsoft have yet to launch the new console locally so who knows when and if we could possibly see any bundles.…

I Bet I Can Get You Guys To Buy Mafia II


…and I do mean ‘guys.’

I downloaded the demo on release yesterday. Being a bit like a little boy at Christmas, I could not wait to try it. So thinking that I’ll just give it a quick go and switch it off before any violence, as not to upset my baby girl’s innocent mind. The game starts, a little phone call to give me my mission. So on the way out the house to hop in my car and go, I spot a mag. And what opens up in high definition across a large screen in all it’s glory?