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Gears of War 3 to get dedicated servers

Amongst the news of  a beta, a multiplayer reveal soon thanks to Official Xbox Magazine…

… is the announcing that Gears of War 3 will have dedicated servers. The mag details its findings from a recent trip to Epic HQ in Cary, NC, for an in-depth preview of Gears 3 multiplayer. Among the litany of revelations: In addition to a swath of online code improvements, we’re bringing dedicated servers to Gears of War 3 to drive a balanced, optimized, and thrilling online experience for Gearheads everywhere. For the full scoop on Gears 3’s dedicated servers, new match types, and more, check out the latest issue of OXM, arriving in mailboxes now and due on newsstands soon!


Robin Hood is headed to PC/MAC

Legacy Interactive, in conjunction with Prime Games, announced today the digital release of Robin Hood which they describe as a hidden object adventure that lets players slip into the role of valiant Robin Hood and experience his most famous, classic adventures. Having recently returned from the Crusades, Robin Hood can’t help but see that his beloved country has changed for…

Vanquish animations are less ‘shooter’ more ‘action’

If you have played the Vanquish demo, you will know that this is no ordinary shooter. It feels a little different, and Vanquish animator for the enemies,Takaaki Yamaguchi gives us an inside look at how even the animations are a little different and help keep the fast pace of the game going. Yamaguchi explains the direction Mikami-san wanted for Vanquish with the animations.

BRINK: will S.M.A.R.T system appeal to ‘hardcore’ gamers?

Brink’s S.M.A.R.T system, meaning “Smart Movement Across Random Terrain” looks to work like a cross between Assassin’s Creed and Mirrors Edge, allowing players to move smoothly and what might be effortlessly. With this Splash Damage could be taking a risk with the ‘hardcore’ gamers, who might prefer a skill based system. The most complained about aspect of Enslaved for instance, is the ‘baby sitting’ movement, where players are stopped from falling to their death. This aspect came under scrutiny with the Prince of Persia series to. It seem like the ‘hardcore’ gamer wants to be put to the test or in control all the time.