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Mass Effect – New DLC? **UPDATE**

Sneaky, sneaky.  New achievements have been added to Mass Effect’s Achievement List.  Another 150 GS, taking it to a total of 1200GS.  So what does it mean?  It probably means the delayed DLC from June is about to arrive.  At least, that’s been the case before, but so far there has been no official statement from Bioware.  So any information…

inFamous – Review (PS3)

By PsiCoNaut


I think the worst problem with this game is that I played it after [prototype]. With that been said, it must be stated that this game is not bad by any means. In fact, it is quite an awesome game, with a very well told comic-book style story. You play a guy named Cole MacGrath, living and working as a bike messenger (and oddly enough there does not seem to be any bikes at all in the game), in Empire City.

X360 Dashboard Update

Come August 11, you will be able to dress your avatar in some snappy branded clothing, or clothing tied to some of your favourite games.  You will be able to sport some flashy new accessories like a basketball or mobile phone.  There will be Games on Demand, but whether SA is included, is highly debateable. Details : The biggest change…

Left 4 Dead: DLC Confirmed

As previously reported here Valve has announced that the new DLC for the original Left 4 Dead will be available in September.  For 560MS points, Crash Course will add a new campaign and some Survival maps. As per Valve: “Crash Course” bridges the gap between the end of the “No Mercy” campaign and the beginning of “Death Toll” in the…

Call of Juarez: BiB – DLC

Ubisoft has announced Call of Juarez:  Bound in Blood DLC that allows cowboy action across historical maps.

Titled the ‘Wild West’ map pack, this latest DLC for the six-shootin’ FPS will see players given the opportunity to take part in dramatisations of American history with events such as Custer’s last stand and the confederate tunnel escape from Elmira Prison among the four included in this pack.

Batman Demo This Friday

Yes, excuse me while I go find my Batman pyjamas, ‘cos I’m rather excited by this title.  And to make the wait just a little more bearable, the demo hits Xbox Live this Friday. You will, apparently, start with Batman and the Commissioner taking the Joker into custody at the beginning of the game.  You get to beat people up,…