Australia gets R18+ rating

At last the Australian government has seen fit to treat its grown-up gamers as, well, grown-ups.  The new R18+ classification for video games, means that games deemed unacceptable for minors under 15 can be sold in Australia.

Minister for Justice Brendan O’Connor announced today that the New South Wales Attorney-General, who was the only censorship minister to abstain from last month’s vote, has given his “in-principle support” for the new rating.

“I am delighted that NSW has decided to support what is not just a practical public policy, but a very popular policy,” said O’Connor. “Once introduced, the new classification will also afford adults the opportunity to view material designed for adults.”

Draft guidelines presented at the prior meeting have since been amended, requiring approvals from some jurisdiction’s cabinets. The government is moving forward to introduce the new classification, which it had previously hoped to have available by year’s end.