Assassin’s Creed: Revelations | New DLC Spotted

A new DLC map pack – not the Ancestor’s Character Pack coming 13 December – has been spotted on a listing at GameStop.

The retailer has it listed for $9.99 while XboxGameZone reckons it will cost $3.99 or 320MS Points.  XboxGameZone reports that the DLC – entitled ‘Mediterranean Traveler Map Pack’ – will arrive on 24 January 2012 and will feature six maps for multiplayer.

These will include Siena, Jerusalem, Dyers, San Donato, Firenze and the Imperial District of Constantinople. Available for download on Xbox Live (and Playstation Network) on January 24, 2012, the DLC pack will set players back 320 Microsoft points (Xbox Live), or $3.99 (Playstation Network) [prices via the Assassin’s Creed Wiki]

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