Army of Two: The 40th Day

Army of two: The 40th day has been re-built from scratch according to EA Montreal, following the first title’s hot and cold success. If you missed the first title, it is a high action third-person shooter and the latest title in the series will “orchestrate a series of mysterious catastrophes” from Shanghai to China. The focus will be co-operative mode which will ask you to use two-man tactics as best you can to uncover “the secret of the 40th day”


This from the art director- Roderique Pralier


“In Army of Two: The 40th Day, we’ve added a lot more characters compared to the original.  You’ll see about 65-70 different types of characters as you battle through the chaos in Shanghai, as compared with the original game where we had approximately 30 different types of characters. 

One of the big things we wanted to improve in the [The 40th Day] was the enemies.  In the first one we had 3 categories: The grunts, the elites, and the heavies, but most of the people felt that the difference between the characters wasn’t obvious enough.  So we really tried to put a lot of work in the silhouette of the new characters, making all of them very very different.”


It will be available in December in the US, so locally shortly after.(awaiting confirmation)

It will not be platform exclusive.


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