First details: Auto Club Revolution, Eutechnyx’s upcoming online racer

Eutechnyx, the world’s leading independent racing game developer, has released the first details about the upcoming online experience, Auto Club Revolution, or ACR. Crafted in close collaboration with the world’s greatest car manufacturers, ACR combines visually stunning fully-licensed vehicles and parts with extensive community features to deliver a completely new way for car enthusiasts to interact with their obsessions. All within a browser, players can customise their dream cars (or what they drove to work this morning) and show them off, test drive and examine vehicles, buy and sell their creations, and even enter thrilling multiplayer races designed for fun at every skill level.

Jaguar, Lotus, Bugatti, McLaren, Pagani, BMW, Mini, Bentley and Chevrolet are just some of the 45 plus manufacturers who have provided Eutechnyx with detailed information in order to faithfully recreate their model ranges. Not only will current and historical cars be featured in Auto Club Revolution, but several of these companies will be premiering concept and pre-production cars in the game, giving players their first ever taste of the latest cars prior to commercial release.

“Auto Club Revolution lets car enthusiasts take their dream garage and make it a virtual reality – then gather with other like-minded people and have a blast interacting and playing,” says Darren Jobling, COO, of Eutechnyx. “It’s completely free-to-play with premium items, accessible to all players of all ages and abilities, and offers a level of realism never before seen in a racing game or automotive online world.”

In ACR the community helps shape the experience, a process that has already begun with the ACR Voting site.  On that site, players are voting for the cars they’d like to see in the game, as well as the tracks or cities they’d like to drive.  This is not a short-term plan: players will always be able to shape the content they’d like to see in the game. Whether it’s specific types of cars, brands, locations, or anything else players are interested in, if the players want it, it’ll be in ACR. To register your vote for the cars you want to see in ACR, please visit Voting players are rewarded with advanced Beta access to ACR