zombie santa_01Firstly, may we wish you all a very merry Christmas – or if you prefer, a happy holiday. We would also like to thank you all for your support over the last year, and hope to see you all back in 2015 as we expand our events, site and generally continue the zombie domination of the human populace…

As you may have noticed, we had a number of giveaways running and we are pretty happy to announce the following people have been naughty enough to attract the eye of Zombie Santa (and the favour of the randomiser). We also decided to hold back on announcing the winners of the ‘raffles’ we held at the events in the last four months of events, so our Christmas bag is particularly full today.

The number of entries for the two online comps was unprecedented for us, while we were equally blown away by the support from attendees at our events – so again, from the bottom of our undead hearts… thank you.

R1000 Credit with CheapCodes

Xmas GiveawayThanks to those fabulous and tasty humans over at CheapCodes, we had R1000 credit for one lucky winner to spend on a variety of codes (or one specific one for that matter) for Xbox Live, PSN, Steam and more. That lucky person is…

Franco Putter

The Razer Bundle

Razer Xmas Giveaway_Header_270The Razer Bundle was quite a goody wasn’t it? A BlackWidow Ultimate Keyboard and a Carcharias Gaming Headset for one lucky person (why is it never a zombie?) to enjoy and plenty of others to covet. The person whose Christmas is a little more green (and black) is…

Alicia Oelofse

C4 LAN ‘Raffle’

C4 LAN_ZG Banner_01Apparently using the word ‘raffle’ causes us some legal issues, so while we will use it here (a few more times), we will find a new name for giving people stuff for buying a R10 entry per ticket. The C4 LAN had a hamper up for grabs that bundled a Zombiegamer t-shirt, a Call of Duty painting by Rebel Monkey, a Call of Duty embroidery by Krafts with Witch Knight and a Tattoo voucher from Arcane. Our winner is…

Darian Thanos

T-Fest ‘Raffle’

T-Fest_FB Header_03Another ‘raffle’ and another hamper. Up for grabs (for R10 an entry) over the four T-Fest events was a hamper consisting of a Zombiegamer t-shirt, a Zombiegamer coffee mug, a game (Sunset Overdrive on Xbox One) and a R100 Kalahari.com voucher. The winner of that tasty bundle of awesomeness is…

Lance Howard

Our congratulations to all the winners. And to everyone else, thank you again for the support and we really do hope that next time… it’s YOU.

The winners have been notified by email and their goodies will be whisked off to them as soon as we shuffle Zombie Santa off to the nearest post office or courier. Or when they both aren’t likely to run away screaming from him.