Analysts Say Next-Gen Consoles to Sell Considerably Less Than Current-Gen

*Not official*

A new report from analyst, Piper Jaffray suggests that the next-generation of major consoles should sell considerably less hardware units than the current-generation. Gamasutra report [as cited by GIBiz] that Jaffray also predicts a decline of 53% on software sales during the first 14 months at retail.

Other analysts, Michael Olson and Andrew Connor expect the Wii U to move about 35% of the volume of sales in the first 14 months compared to that of the Wii. They then say the Playstation 4 will achieve around 50% of sales volume compared to the Playstation 3, and lastly the next Microsoft console is projected to attain 55% of the sales volumes for the first 14 months when compared to sales figures for the Xbox 360.

Piper Jaffray predicts these figures after meeting with a few “industry sources,” and believes that social and mobile games will be the major factor that threatens major consoles’ sales, taking a large portion out of the market.

“Unfortunately, we do not expect a console refresh to fully offset the secular declines in console gaming,” said the analysts. “We believe console gaming will continue to be a time-share donor to social networks, mobile games and tablets. We, therefore, favor companies with increasing exposure to social/mobile gaming, including Zynga and EA.”

Jaffray also believes that Sony will launch its next PlayStation around holiday 2013, and Microsoft should follow sometime in 2014.