Alien Isolation needed to be a “game that no one had made, that we wanted to play” says dev


Creative Assembly console lead, Al Hope is confident that Alien Isolation will offer a unique Alien experience, while recapturing the dark and dilapidated atmosphere of Ridley Scott’s iconic 1979 Alien.

Speaking with Eurogamer, Hope explained that Alien Isolation will authentically stay true to the film, while having its own “distinct look and feel, it’s own emotional tone,” and will be different to the more action-oriented sequels. He says the game will be about the “whole journey.”

Hope reiterated Creative Assembly’s desire to make an Alien game that had no yet been done,

“It really was a case of wanting to make the Alien game that no one had made, the game we wanted to play,” he claimed.

“The game’s about tension and release,” he continued to elaborate on what we can expect.

“It’s about player choice, giving them multiple options to overcome the obstacles that are facing them.”

“The game has a story, and it needs to respect that story, so there are moments where we engineer things so that the Alien is highly likely to appear.

“But in general we let the Alien inhabit the space and then it reacts to the events that go on around it,” he added.

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