Alan Wake veteran to head up console development for ‘Angry Birds’

Petri Järvilehto, best known for the Max Payne and Alan Wake franchises, today joined Rovio Mobile Ltd. as Senior Vice President of Console Development. Rovio Ltd. explain that Järvilehto will head up console game development teams to take the Angry Birds success story to current and emerging console platforms.

Järvilehto, who is a games industry veteran, is one of the founders of Remedy Entertainment, the company behind the Max Payne hit games (adapted to a Hollywood blockbuster movie starring Mark Wahlberg) as well as Alan Wake, the critically acclaimed Xbox360 exclusive title. He has led various key projects at Remedy, such as Max Payne, Max Payne 2 as well as the initial game design of Alan Wake.

Rovio Mobile Ltd. is the developer of the global gaming phenomenon Angry Birds, which has been downloaded by more than 75 million times by consumers worldwide and has set all the sales records in the current mobile gaming market. Globally recognized as the definitive mobile game by mainstream media, Rovio is now moving on to take Angry Birds to new gaming platforms outside of mobile.

“We want to make Angry Birds a long lasting global gaming franchise, and we see the console platforms as a way of delivering an even more entertaining, powerful and involving experience,” said Mikael Hed, CEO of Rovio. “Petri has an outstanding track record and we’re thrilled to have him take the lead of our console development.”

“Angry Birds is one of the fastest growing gaming franchises in the world right now,” said Petri Järvilehto. “I think we’re only in the beginning, and with consoles we have the opportunity to create a new kind of gaming experience.”

The Mac and PC versions of the game were released in January 2011. The company is yet to disclose any details on their current console activities

Järvilehto remains on the Board of Directors of Remedy Entertainment Ltd.

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