The South African Halo community look set to see their dreams meet with reality as Africa is set to get a spot in the Halo World Championships and a shot at the (currently) $1,500,000 prize pool.

Africa has been placed in the Europe and Middle East region which has four slots assigned to it. As to how the regional qualifiers will be handled still is not clear, but we’re willing to bet on a South African qualifier followed by an African qualifier at which point, a team (or teams) will head to compete against European and Middle Eastern teams for the four slots up for grabs.

Via Halo Waypoint:

The first ever Halo World Championship kicks off this winter! Qualification for the global tournament will begin in December, with the grand finals culminating in March of 2016. The largest Halo tournament in history will discover the top teams from around the globe, with 16 teams at the final event. The various regions will be represented as follows in the grand finals:

  • Top 8 teams from North America
  • Top 4 teams from Europe, Middle East, and Africa
  • Top 2 teams from Australia and New Zealand
  • Top team from Asia

Earlier this year, we announced that the tournament prize pool would start at $1,000,000, and today, we’re excited to announce that thanks to your REQ Pack crowdfunding, an additional $500,000 has already been added to the pool. This sets the current Halo World Championship prize pool at $1,500,000, and the total continues to grow each day.

Stay tuned to for registration info, tournament format, and more details in the coming weeks.

Thanks to Halo community member Pupsky for the tip. We will detail the upcoming World Championships as more information becomes available.

Halo WC_01