Advertising ‘Free-to-Play’ going under the microscope


The ‘Free-to-Play’ title may be under threat, as the European Commission is now questioning the ‘free’ in ‘free-to-play’.

MCV report that the EC is questioning the advertising of “free” with F2P titles. The Commission is meeting with consumer groups in the UK, France and Italy and major market players such as Apple and Google to discuss its concerns for customers regarding the F2P market.

The EC argues that the word “free” is misleading, as games can incur costs. The Commission therefore argues that the word “free” should not be allowed to be used in advertising games that can incur costs once downloaded.

The Commission is also calling for greater transparency from publishers, saying consumers should be “adequately informed” before downloading the games, where there may be costs involved.

Lastly, the Commission says kids should not be directly encouraged to buy items.

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