Activision Not Doing “Victory Laps” on Elite Yet

Despite the seemingly positive reception of the Call of Duty Elite service, Activision are reportedly not yet celebrating the success of the service which has recorder 7 million users already.

GamesIndustryBiz report that Activision has admitted that the launch of the Elite service was not all smooth-sailing. CEO Eric Hirshberg adressed DICE attendees but said that he was hesitant to talk about the Elite service.

“I hesitate to talk about Elite, because even though we’ve had some early success with the numbers, it’s far from time for us to be doing any victory laps on Elite,” he said.

GIBiz point out that when the service launched, users experienced lag and log in issues, and Activision’s communication at the time was poor.

“We had some technological stumbles at launch and that frustrated some of our fans. We’re still making that right. But if we only talk about the things that go as planned then we miss some of the most valuable dialogue that can come out of this,” explained Hirshberg.

“There’s this massive community of people, all passionate about the same thing, with remarkably few ways to communicate and interact with one another. Overlay that with social network and connecting over digital spaces with the things we’re passionate about is the zeitgeist trend in our culture. We wanted to create a way of unlocking Call of Duty’s community as a real network.”