Our sister organisation, ACGL, has announced the return of the website after a short break for maintenance and feature additions. The return brings with it a Beta for a number of the new features like the Connection Credits and related tournaments, new Wager Tournaments, an ELO ladder and more.

From now until December 2017, all registered ACGL members will get 100 Connection Credits (CC) to use in Wager matches and other CC-based tournaments during the beta period. There will be no monetary value currently, but come January, that is all likely to change. If you run out of credits during the beta period, asking for more via ACGL’s social media might work…

The new Wager Ladders allows players to sign up and challenge other players/teams where your CC is put on the line. As you win (or lose) CC, you will also be ranked via an ELO system to see how good you really are over a period of time.

Alongside the already ongoing ‘free’ tournaments (with XP up for grabs) and the new Wager matches, there will be new CC tournaments which will have a CC entry fee and will feature a mixture of CC and other items as prizes.

Alongside the new features, there are a number of ‘quality of life’ changes which includes:

  • the ability to sign up to team tournaments as free agents for a team to pick them up
  • the ability for captains to pick from the list of team players for an upcoming tournament
  • a new match feed which improves access to match reporting, challenges and more
  • numerous UI changes

You can find out more about all the changes and updates via the article on ACGL here.

The first batch of Wager Matches and CC Tournaments can be found live now for registration, which is available via clicking the image below:

You can find ACGL here:
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