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Welcome to Zombiegamer.co.za.  Unfortunately, we aren’t really zombies…

We are in fact South African gamers who are passionate about gaming and the community that embraces this wonderful hobby of ours, who took over the site from the original Zombiegamer in May 2009. Starting out as a project between two console clans – OAP and RIP – with around 40 members in total, the intermediate years saw two left standing in the shape of Zombie Dredd and r0gue Zombie.

Since 2014, Zombiegamer  now consists of one main editor,  Zombie Dredd, who tries as hard as possible to update the site regularly along with contributions coming from others. While no experts in writing, we may be able to consider ourselves experts in playing games, and voicing our opinions. This site is the perfect opportunity for us to do both, and hopefully be informative, to you, our most valued visitor to this site of ours.

Please feel free to browse, give us feedback and even if you don’t agree, your comments are still welcome.

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Zombie Dredd

ClintWannabe gaming journalist. Wannabe zombie. And sometimes clan leader of OAP. Clint O’Shea when in his human disguise.

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Email: dredd@zombiegamer.co.za | XBL GT: Zombie Dredd | PSN ID: dreddsix6six

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About the Author

Wannabe gaming journalist. Wannabe zombie. And sometimes clan leader of OAP. Clint O'Shea when in his human disguise.