There’s some weekends where there’s nothing to do and others when there’s so much going on, there’s just not enough time to enjoy it all.  This weekend is most definitely the latter of the two, and it kicks off early – tonight already.

If you’re in Cape Town tonight (Thursday – to be precise.  21 June – to be even more precise) you can join a few fellow Capetonians and others not from Cape Town at Braza in Canal Walk from 6pm.  Apex Interactive will be in attendance and will be bringing with them a few peripherals from the Gioteck range along with some games on their roster including Sniper elite V2 and Game of Thrones.  They are promising giveaways, so why would you want to go and miss it then?  More details of the event can be found here.

Apex will be hanging around Cape Town a little longer to see the fruits of their collaboration with Mweb Gamezone and Clan Connection on Friday for the ‘King of Console‘ event.  Unfortunately, you can’t attend the event – unless you are one of the 32 players representing their preferred console – but you can watch the matches unfold live via the wonders of the internet.

Come Saturday morning 10am, you can head over to GamerNet House at 45 Salisbury Road in Boston, Cape Town for their Razer sponsored ‘FIFA 12 HomeCup‘.  The event is an Xbox 360 competition and you can pre-book your spot for R40 or pay an extra R10 at the door.  There will be prizes up for grabs and most likely plenty of goals and wacky celebrations.

Starting even earlier than 10am, but around 1400km from Cape Town is the Ground Zero LAN event.  It’s their birthday bash, so expect a little more and remember to take them a cake.  The event is happening at Tamboti Hall, Klipriviersberg Recreational Centre – but sadly, you are probably already too late to get yourself a spot.

Two events happening an immeasurable distance from either of the cities mentioned are the ‘Gears of War 3 ZA King of the Hill Knockout‘ event and the ‘Bravado COD4 Free2Frag FFA Deathmatch Event‘.  Both are happening online and their event titles pretty much tell you all you need to know.  Sort of.

The Gears of War event is taking place over both Saturday and Sunday on Xbox 360, but registrations have already closed.  Please have the courtesy to doff your hat at the organiser Jody when you get the chance – otherwise you may not have seen a Gears of War tournament for a while.  Bravado’s event is a Sunday only event and registrations may well still be open, so follow the link above and get in there if the opportunity exists.  And if you still have COD4 on PC.

Looking a little further into the future (we have actual, working crystal balls here) next weekend has both dAZLAN and MainGaming giving Pretoria love.  Hit the links for more information.


As Murphy would have it, another event has appeared on the horizon after publication… on Sunday 24 June, MSSA is holding ‘The Cape Town Regional Championship for TEKKEN 6‘ – the winner of this will be invited to the National Team Trials for Korea.  All players that enter need to be registered players.  The event is happening at GamerNet House and kicks off at 1pm.

Now, don’t forget to support SA Gaming – you have no excuse.

Apologies to anyone or any event we may have missed.  However, we can only get it right with your help, so feel free to let us know about any gaming events happening in SA and we will add them to our calendar.