8GB Wii U has only 3GB after system installs

News coming out from a Nintendo Direct conference broadcast in Japan – and translated by Kotaku – reveals that the system installs on the Wii U will leave you very little room to install some games on the 8GB Basic model.

After installing system software and creating your user profile, the 8GB Wii U will have just 3GB of space remaining, while the 32GB Premium Wii U will have 25GB of usable space.

This means smaller Wii U games such as Nintend Land which stands at  3.2GB Nintendo Land won’t be able to fit on the 8GB system’s flash memory, but New Super Mario Bros. U should be fine as it weighs in at about 2GB.

The Wii U will support external hard drives of up to 2TB, but the drive will have to have an external power source.  Nintendo has said USB memory can be used but it is not advised.


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