60% of female gamers don’t label themselves as ‘gamers’

It does look like girls that game do not want to label themselves as ‘gamer’ as  a new online survey commissioned by Diner Dash developer/publisher PlayFirst reportedly showed that 60% of the fairer sex who play games would not call themselves ‘gamers.’ So I ask, what is wrong with being called gamer?

The survey was conducted with 2075 Americans, showing 40% of men would “strongly agree” that they were gamers and therefore men would more easily label themselves as a gamer than the ladies. The report also showed that two in every three Americans play games, with one in three apparently playing casual games on computers or phones regularly, whether they would label themselves as gamers or not.

The survey also pointed out another fundamental difference between male and female gamers, showing that 90% of women listed ‘entertaining’ as their primary requirement for a game, where as men prefer games that are ‘challenging to finish.’

Magid’s Mike Vorhaus. “Gaming is a cross-generational, cross-platform activity that’s ubiquitous, yet requires unique and targeted experiences to be successful. Different groups value different things on different platforms, and by honing in on those differences, a multi-platform publisher can further optimize its product strategy.”

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