Expect More Free Maps [Bad Company 2]

badcompany2 logonew

DICE, the developers behind Battlefield: Bad Company 2 has revealed downloadable map packs for the game will always be free including future planned content coming to players in “generous” amounts!

DICE launched their ‘VIP 2? map pack yesterday and I must say I really like the RUSH map. I could not get off it to try the CONQUEST one. It was a nice addition and if like me, you’re hooked on this game, them it was much needed to.

Fortunately DICE think we need it to and it looks like they still don’t want us to pay for them. Senior Producer, Patrick Bach informed Xbox World 360 that they don’t ever want to charge for their maps and “insisted to EA that this attitude was crucial when it came to keeping our community happy and playing together.” They explained that while they are owned by EA, they are still very much DICE and fortunately for us fans they “have ‘generous’ amounts of DLC planned for Battlefield: Bad Company 2’s future.”

All the available DLC for the game is only free to players who bought the limited edition game which included VIP code in the box, once redeemed is tied to one account only. Players who did not get the VIP codes can however purchase codes on the Playstation Network Store or In-Game store on Xbox Live.

Did I mention I bought my Limited Edition for the same price as normal edition? Yes, I know I am such a Bad Company fanboy. A stunning game, free maps, dedicated servers and no regional blocking will do that to a guy!