We received this content recently and have decided to share it unedited. We are not getting paid for this content, but it was sent to us by a PR company. We suspect it is for Red Bull because it’s the only brand actually mentioned in the release below:

Ready to level up? Go from amatuer gamer to pro this summer with just a few simple tips.

Wired internet connection

It’s better to get wired internet connection for gaming instead of wireless. Wired internet helps with better download and upload speed. It will also ensure less chance of being disconnected from online games, less lagging and you won’t be kicked out of your game mid-play. This means more time to play and practise your game!

Protect your Eyes

Practise makes perfect, if you are wanting to get your hours in, you need to make sure your eyes are up for the challenge. It has been scientifically proven that sitting at least 40-80 cm away from the monitor will help protect your eyes and ensure better visibility whilst playing. When playing a game you want what’s best for your playing ability and for your eyes.

3D Audio

Whether you wear a headset or not it’s time to upgrade to a 3D audio headset. Besides having great sound quality a 3D headset will also help you hear the smallest of noises: an opponent behind you, hiding in front of you etc. This will immensely improve your gaming and you will have quicker response times- since you will know exactly where your opponents are.

Comfortable Gaming Space

To ensure maximum gaming potential, you will need to have a comfortable gaming space where you can be completely immersed in the game. Make sure to have a comfortable gaming chair, with ample support to ensure your muscles aren’t stiff after hours of gaming.

The right Fuel

Keep your energy up for hours with the right snack pack. Nuts are the way to go, easy to eat and have a good kick of energy. Bananas contain natural vitamins that provide loads of natural energy. Pair all of that with a 4 pack of the new Red Bull Summer Edition Coconut and Berry and you will playing for hours!