4 minutes of Warm Bodies

warm-bodies-image-nicholas-hoult (2)

Warm Bodies is the movie people called “Twilight with zombies”. So I automatically hated it for everything that it is. Time passed however and the below was released on the internet a week ago.

Wow right? After seeing that I was sold. Warm Bodies a romantic zombie comedy movie. Apparently it is a Romeo and Juliet type story. You know, the age old story of a zombie boy falling in love with a human girl. A love whose name shall not be spoken and is illegal in most places. But when there is a zombie apocalypse who cares about silly laws right?

Warm Bodies stars Nicolas Hoult, Beast in X-Men: First Class, Teresa Palmer and John Malkovich himself, but not as himself. Warm Bodies looks like a fun one and will be at local cinemas in March 2013.