Trenchtown Gaming Tournament Report


This past weekend – Saturday 1 June to be exact – saw the 2upGamers concept expand beyond its well known (almost) monthly social event and on to a more competitive scenario. That didn’t mean there was no socialising. Or drinking. There was, but there was also a lot of hungry players who were hungry for gaming… and pizza.

On frankly one of the worst winter’s days in Cape Town, 46 brave Black Ops 2 and FIFA 13 players descended on Trenchtown in Observatory, Cape Town for the two tournaments which offered cash prizes and other sponsored items up for grabs.


The FIFA 13 tournament saw 28 players face each other in a ‘home and away’ concept using both Xbox 360 and PS3 to really test the players on a platform that they may actually not be totally comfortable on. The player with the highest aggregate score over the two consoles progressed, leaving the player knocked out to enjoy the free Red Bull being handed out, as well as the discounted shots being sold by the promo girls and cosplayers in attendance. 2upGamers were very clear to prevent any under age drinking, with all under 18 players in attendance clearly marked with red tags and red lanyards. Gaming is a responsible business people…

A few well known players were knocked out a little earlier than expected in the tournament, with a few new names making an impact, and pushing past the first round and beyond. The semi-finals saw Andrew-Lee Tobias (FranchizeBoy) and Mubeen Gaffoor face off, with Yazeed Dollie and Priyesh Vaya (Pree) playing each other in the second semi-final.

The first semi-final proved to be a tight affair which Mubeen grabbed 3-2 to book his place in the final against Yazeed, who beat Pree 4-0. FranchizeBoy and Pree got to business in the third and fourth place play-off to determine which player would walk off with R150 for his trouble, or a slightly smaller cash prize of R100. In a slightly one-sided game, FranchizeBoy grabbed third place from Pree with a 6-1 aggregate win.

The finals kicked off at around 5:30pm – not that it matters when you’re having fun – with a decent crowd watching the players face-off. Playing on his preferred platform, Mubeen grabbed the first round on PS3 2-1. With every chance to still come back on the Xbox 360, Yazeed mounted his attack, but a resolute defense saw Mubeen close out the second round 1-1 and grab the win with a 3-2 on aggregate.

IMG_8095The final standings:

  • 1st Place: Mubeen – R500 cash and a Mario winner’s badge sponsored by Ppplop
  • 2nd Place: Yazeed – R250 cash
  • 3rd Place: FranchizeBoy – R150 cash
  • 4th Place: Pree – R100 cash

For all the rounds and results, check here.

Black Ops 2

18 players representing nine teams faced each other in a double elimination Search and Destroy tournament. With the majority of the players  from established clans in Cape Town, the competition was always going to fierce, even with a number of players joining traditional ‘rivals’ to take on the opposition. Other than the finals, all the matches were played as a best of three maps to give teams every opportunity to shake off a poor round.

Staying in the winner’s bracket in double elimination always makes the run to the finals shorter, but means keeping your ‘A’ game throughout. Adios la Vida (ALV) managed to do just that, as well as only losing one map on the way to the finals against XtaZ. Once XtaZ were dropped into the loser’s bracket by ALV in the third round, they then proceeded to demolish the other teams to force their way back into the finals against ALV.

Before the two teams could battle it out, there was the small matter of the third and fourth place play-off which pitted F4D3 (Rozier from F4D3 and Nicc who was a pick-up partner on the day) and F34RiNCO (featuring CS1977 from F34R and Swarley from ViNCO) against each other. A special mention needs to be made of Swarley who had improved throughout the day as he partook in one more round between rounds… The match went all three rounds with F4D3 taking the first map 6-4. F34RiNCO turned it around over the next two maps however to grab them 6-4 and 6-5 to secure third spot on the day.

On to a much anticipated final game (which kicked off later than scheduled, but to a filling venue who could see the game unfold on the large screen). The match was scheduled as a best of five, and proved to be worth the watch. ALV took Raid 6-3 and went into Meltdown confident. However, XtaZ hit back and took the map 6-3. With the intensity really upped, ALV took Express 6-1, but the match was leveled again when XtaZ grabbed Slums 6-5. With a chance of a replay looming due to the double elimination rule, Standoff was a rather apt map to end with. The back and forth of the final continued, but it took a small comeback from ALV to take the map – and first place – 6-4.

The match was a credit to the growing eSports scene on console, which sadly was not recorded due to laptop issues – something that will be rectified for the next event.

IMG_8103The final standings:

  • 1st Place: ALV – R500 cash, R400 Xmods voucher and Mario winner’s badge sponsored by Ppplop
  • 2nd Place: XtaZ – R250 cash
  • 3rd Place: F34RiNCO – R150 cash
  • 4th Place: F4D3 – R100 cash

For all the rounds and results, check here.

A big thanks from the 2upGamers eSports division to the players, spectators, sponsors and the team that helped make the day a success.

We can confirm that the next event will happen on 13 July and will feature a 4v4 Black Ops 2 tournament (good prep for the Western Cape Provincial), a FIFA 13 tournament (we will alter the format slightly) and we would like to bring a little virtual beatdowns to the day too.

The sponsors and partners

IMG_8124A massive shout out to all the sponsors and partners that made the event happen and offered product and prizes.

We can also confirm that in the next week or so, coverage of the event will appear in two local newspapers.


For more photos from the event, you can check out our Facebook Album (pictures by Blaque Knight and Astrid Lochner).