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We’ve opened pre-registrations for the FIFA 13 1v1 at the 2upGamers Trenchtown Gaming Tournament happening on Saturday 1 June. Why pre-register? Because it helps us better prepare.

The R50 registration fee is payable on the day, so all you need to do is pitch up at 11am and we’ll take your money, mark you off and start letting you size up your competition.

Registration is still available on the day, but please note that at 11:30am we would like to close registrations so the gaming can get going.

Registration form is below, but we’ll make you read some details first.

The Details:

  • Date:  Saturday 1 June 2013
  • Time:  11am to 11:30am – Registration.  12pm until finished – Tournament
  • Where:  Trenchtown, 92 Station Road, Observatory, Cape Town
  • What:  Black Ops 2 2v2 SnD on Xbox 360 and FIFA 13 1v1 on Xbox 360 and PS3
  • Cost:  R50 Registration, or R80 for Registration with a Margarita Pizza

Please note, that due to the fact that alcohol is served in the venue, all players under 18 years old will need a guardian’s letter of consent, and the players will be marked on the day to avoid any confusion when served.  The letter of consent is available on request.

We will be operating a ‘Home and Away’ style tournament, over both Xbox 360 and PS3.  The tournament will be single elimination with each round consisting of one game on each platform, with the highest aggregate score going into the next round.  If the aggregate scores are a draw at full time after the second leg, players will play extra-time, and if needed, penalties will decide the winner.

Please feel free to bring your own controller if you would like.   Controllers will be available at the event.

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Trenchtown FIFA 13 Pre-Registration

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Prizes and products on the day have been sponsored by:

Prize Pool:

Once we get 32 players playing on the day, the prize pool will increase, and will do so for every additional 16 players.

1st Place 2nd Place 3rd Place 4th Place  5th & 6th  7th & 8th
Minimum: R1000 cash prize pool
R500 R250 R150 R100
32 players: R1500 cash prize pool
R600 R300 R200 R150 R75 R50
48 players: R1750 cash prize pool
R650 R350 R250 R200 R100 R50
64 players: R2500 cash prize pool
R1000 R500 R300 R250 R125 R100


Please note, that 2upGamers operates a ‘fair play’ policy.  No cheating, abusive language (or abusive actions to anyone at all) and activity deemed unacceptable to an enjoyable, but competitive tournament, will be tolerated. The Admin or Referees decision is final.  Anyone who acts in a way not deemed in good spirit or clearly breaking policies will be immediately disqualified from the tournament.

Click here to see the FIFA 13 Ruleset: »

Game Speed: Normal

Difficulty Setting: World Class

Match length: 4 minute halves.

Defending: Tactical only

Passing Power Assistance: Off

Custom formations: Not allowed

Custom Tactics: Allowed

Weather: Randomized (unless you and your opponent agree to change)


a)      All teams allowed except for classic and World XI

b)      Same team allowed on both sides

c)       If opponent choses to play international it is up to you to play a club or international side

d)      In a specific round you have to play both legs with the team that you picked for the 1st leg

Should scores be tied after two legs, classic extra-time will be played, followed by penalties.

No controlling of the keeper by means of the ‘Select’ button

No Passing at the back, If you suspect your opponent of breaking this rule, pause the game and alert one of the admins. Should you wait till after the game, the result will stay as is as there is nothing for the admins to rule on.

No cursing, shouting, bumping or distracting your opponent.

Pause the game only if you have the ball and give your opponent a heads up if you are going to pause. Both players must agree they are ready to resume the match.

The ball must be passed back once before you can cross in to the opponents half, you can not run in to his half straight from kick off.

If you set your control, please save it on temporary assigned slot.

It is up to you as player to check your controls before the game starts, the admins and organisers will not be held liable for controllers that are not set up.

Should a console freeze alert one of the admins. If it is still in the 1st half the game will be replayed full but the game continues from the score upon which the screen froze. If it froze in the 2nd half the game is restarted and only one half of the game is played and the score is as it was upon freezing of the console.


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