2upGamers LogoThis should be Undead Ed’s moment.  He usually appears in this slot spouting nonsense before introducing you to another fine South African gaming clan.  This week we decided to toss a limb over the fence and into the river that runs past Zombie HQ to distract him so we could focus on something not completely removed from his regular feature.

Last week at 2upGamers Judgement Night an announcement was made.  It probably didn’t seem important to many, but it was to the two people making it at the time.  The gist was 2upGamers is changing.  They are expanding.  They are rebranding   They are planning to do more and bring more to SA gaming than they had done before.  The ‘they’ in the aforementioned sentences being 2upGamers’ last standing co-founder Glenn Alexander and me – Clint ‘Zombie Dredd’ O’Shea in case you thought ‘me’ was my actual name.

However, before we head into the future, perhaps a brief history lesson is in order.

Founded in October 2011 at the now less frequent Cape Town Gamers meet ups, 2upGamers was the brainchild of Glenn Alexander, Ashley Oneill and Hylton Arendse.  Launching its first event in November 2011 in Rondebosch in Cape Town hosted around 40 attendees and set the roadmap out for a regular (almost monthly) event which has moved to its new home of Trinity where around 150 attendees join in and almost uniformly have an utter blast.

The organisation announced in March 2012 that they were a Section 21 company, and that all the proceeds made at the monthly(-ish) events would go to charities such as Blisters for Bread and Blankets for Cape Town.

Fast forward to 10 May 2013, and the announcement.  Having noticed the growth of the Friday night events and the growth of eSports in South Africa, 2upGamers will now be operating three divisions, each with a specific focus.

2upGamers Community

This division is the one already operating and will continue to operate as it does, with focus on the monthly social gathering with proceeds going to charity.  Additional charity based and fund-raising events will be operated under this banner.

While the monthly event will remain largely unchanged, the competitive gaming will be slightly altered.  FIFA and the Fighting games will continue unchanged.  The newly added Couples Doubles and PC section will expand.  However, the ‘competitive LAN’ in what has now been dubbed the ‘Zombie Pit’ will focus on modes and games of a slightly more casual nature.  That’s not to say their won’t be any Black Ops 2 or Gears of War, it simply means that the modes will be free-for-all or ‘party’ modes to make it slightly more accessible to everyone – both competitive players and those looking to try it out.

2upGamers eSports

IMG_7459This is the major addition to the 2upGamers operation.  I will be operating and overseeing all events under this banner which will focus on operating, facilitating and equipping competitive LANs and online tournaments.  We will setup, plan and market our own competitive LANs as well as assist others looking for assistance with equipment, administration and logistics.

2upGamers will also become an affiliated club with the MSSA, and we will plan and operate events for the MSSA whenever possible – having recently been part of the team that ran the Cape Town Black Ops 2 Regional.

2upGamers eSports events will cover a variety of titles and will utilise international standards for competitive play.  We want to be an integral part of growing South African console eSports, and will be working closely with current and future partners to ensure this happens.  We also plan to ensure prizes are always a part of any competitive tournament by utilising tournament registration fees as part of the prize pool which will be based on an escalating system – the more players, the bigger the prize pool.  We will detail more on this in the coming weeks along with tournament rules and organisational implementation at tournaments.

As with the original 2upGamers, the eSports will start by walking before it runs.  We will run regular tournaments of a variety of scales around the Cape area first.  Expansion plans will be revealed in the future, as will the events that we hope will rival some of the best seen internationally.  Whenever possible, we will be live streaming matches from the venues, but where that’s not possible, we will record and edit for upload.

The 2upGamers eSports division will make its debut on Saturday 1 June at Trenchtown in Observatory, Cape Town which will feature a FIFA 13 tournament and a Black Ops 2 2v2 SnD tournament.  The minimum cash prize pool per game is R1000 and registration will cost you R50.  Details to follow.

2upGamers Events

2upGamers will no longer be a Section 21 company, but will be registered as a proprietary limited company hosting and organising gaming specific events.  The charity events will continue as mentioned above, but 2upGamers will be adding to the list of events by hosting corporate functions and other large scaled gaming events.  And birthday and bachelor parties…

In Closing

The groundwork done by the now 2upGamers Community puts all the divisions in a good position to bring onboard sponsors and partners due to a proven track record of around 18 months of events.  This – we hope – will be to the benefit of those that participate in any of our events.

The future for SA gaming is looking pretty bright, and we hope you’ll be along to enjoy it with us.

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Glenn Alexander – glenn@2upgamers.co.za
Clint ‘Zombie Dredd’ O’Shea – clint@2upgamers.co.za or dredd@zombiegamer.co.za