Look, if you grew up as the metal and rap crossover kicked off, you probably can’t help but sing “Judgment Night” when thinking of the most recent 2upGamers event.  Of course, I’m older than most, so maybe it’s just me, however, Judgment (or in this case, Judgement) was the word on many people’s lips at Trinity on 10 May.

2upGamers was a little unique this time around.  Nothing earth shattering really, but it’s the first time the event was held at the same venue on three consecutive occasions.  It was also the first time everything was setup and ready for attendees.  And also the first time the attendees were late.  Traffic jams due to an event at the CTICC meant the start of proceedings only happened at around 8pm.

Speeches – as always – were first.  Glenn Alexander welcomed all, and all welcomed him back.  Up next was event regular Mandy Meredith from Nintendo South Africa, who was most likely impressed that the event had a fully working mic – something that up until setting up shop at Trinity had been hit and miss.  The Genshiken UCT Society was in the house again, represented by Cameron, they were there to mention that they swop Anime, and were on hand later in the evening to do just that.

If you “love things” and “love them a lot” then Stephen Smit the organiser of Geek Pride Day is probably talking to you.  There is pretty much everything a “geek” could want happening at the 25 May event, including Anime, Cosplay, Gaming and more.  He was followed by the recent winners of the Xbox SA run Gears of War: Judgment tournament, the Fallen Lobotomisers.  A name Glenn appeared to have some trouble getting his tongue around.  While team work had been a key to their success, the players from FLS would need to put aside that loyalty and shoot the crap out of each other a little later when the moment of Judgment really kicked off.

IMG_7472By this point, it appeared that 2upGamers may have set a new record for the number of guest speakers, but it still wasn’t over.  Cape Town cosplayers KomboKitten and Yamaki were on hand to show off their fantastic outfits as well invite anyone keen to get involved to do so, and ask the friendly people in the scene for help.  Then someone let Brad Kirby from Mweb on stage.  After a bout of rock ‘n roll call and response moments, he announced that the FIFA 13 Mweb Ladders were now underway and that a 1v1 sniper ladder was coming next.  The astute listener would’ve also heard Gears of War mentioned.  I’m astute like that.

Still not happy with all the talking, someone decided to give me the mic.  I’m not that comfortable with addressing humans as equals, so awkwardly joined Glenn to announce the changes that will mark the future of 2upGamers.  The Community (which you already all know, and hopefully love), an eSports division (that someone put me in charge of) and the Events division, which will focus on corporate clients and that sort of thing.  The first eSports events will be at Trenchtown on 1 June and will also be the official start day of the New! Improved! 2upGamers.  Details of the changes and the upcoming events will be following very soon.  Please come back and read it on your favourite gaming site in the whole of Zombieland.

As most people’s noses had detected, pizza had arrived.  Those that had opted to buy in to food mauled the grub and downed some drinks.  The brave amongst the attendees headed over to the new ‘Couples Doubles’ event (hosted by Dylan and Astrid) which does what it says on the tin.  The winning couple on the night (sorry guys, didn’t catch your names) walked off with movie tickets sponsored by EMA Technologies who had also brought – in another real first – PCs to the event.

IMG_7507Meanwhile, the upstairs area of Trinity was where Cape Town Showdown was handing out beat downs in the Tekken Tag Tournament 2 tournament.  Di Lhong beat all comers and walked off with a Mad Catz sponsored fightstick.  He’s lucky Tyson, Suarez or yours truly didn’t play.  We would’ve simply taken a bite out of him.

eGamer and Mweb were both on hand to operate the FIFA 13 tournament which was run on both PS3 and Xbox 360.  The matches played on the night counted towards points on the Mad Catz 2up FIFA 13 Ladder on Mweb.  With around 25 players, the winners on each platform on the night faced each other in a home and away scenario to decide the winner of a pair of Gunnar eyewear.  In the end, two Console Kingz players had to face each other, and it was Mubeen Gafoor who saw off Francois van Schalkwyk 4-0 over the two legs.  Mubeen took the lead on his away console 4-0 and being held on his home console 0-0.

IMG_7353About two hours into the night however, it was clear that the expected celebrities were going to be a no-show for the Mweb Celeb Challenge on Forza 4.  Maybe they felt less important due to the stars already in the venue (well, there was a zombie there), or they just thought they were better than us.  We will never know.  We could give you some of their names and have you harass and stalk them, but we’ve locked them in the basement for dinner already.  However, kudos to Tammy B from Good Hope FM who appeared from nowhere hoping no-one was beating her time and actor Sekoati SK Tsubane who popped in to see what Cape Town’s gamers are getting up to.

In the Zombie Pit (not the same place the celebs are currently locked in), there were Gears to kill.  Or be killed.  30 players were on hand to do battle in a free-for-all tournament that featured some of the FLS champs and their rivals.  It was all out action, with the eventual winner Kent Jansen of FLS having to reach the finals via the loser’s bracket.  The runner up was Sebastian Stroud (also of FLS), with CMR member Ze Snake coming in third.  Due to the generosity of FLS, third place was awarded a R250 Kalahari voucher, while Kent scored a pair of Gunnar eyewear, and Sebastian received a R100 Takealot voucher.

And that – as they say in the classics – was that.  That’s if you exclude the insane amount of equipment and all the goodies given away.  When is the next 2upGamers “community” event?  We will let you know very soon.  When will you see the 2upGamers again?   You probably have already…



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