It was a cold and rainy night.  Damn.  It wasn’t.  It was actually a pretty decent early spring night.  Now while accurate, that does lack a sense danger and gaming is all about danger – isn’t it?  In this particular case, the danger was that the majority of attendees would get lost and land up at the wrong venue – or not at all.

2upGamers’ events have stayed pretty true to form since they kicked off last year.  They have never consecutively been at the same venue three times in a row.  Forced to leave the most recent venue – Ajax Cape Town’s training ground Ikamva – due to a “priority” function needing it for the evening, the new venue was the slightly more austere looking Parow Golf Club.  Dotted around the venue were golfers who managed to survive their Friday round of 18 but were most likely going to meet their match at this 19th hole.  Some looked on bemused as 2upGamers’ Glenn Alexander and I humped the equipment into the venue for the 9th event in the 2upGamers juggernaut.

As the attendees started to filter in, it became clear that the venue would work better than initial impressions may have suggested.  Of course, it then also became abundantly clear that sometimes gamers (OK, people in general) don’t read things properly.  “No.  We’re next door.  Not at Ikamva.” – overheard a few times by some people to lost associates.  It also started to become clear that too much of a good thing may be resulting in a slightly flippant and irreverent attitude from some of the Cape Town gaming community.  I refer to the 50 registered persons who didn’t bother to show up.  Something I sincerely hope does not turn in to a trend.  That being said, I’m sure the 67 who were in the venue didn’t notice your absence…

Glenn kicked proceedings off with another hearty welcome.  Popular Mechanics were in the house and everyone scored a copy of the magazine with promises that this would now be a regular addition at 2upGamers.  The magazine will also be introducing a gaming focused supplement soon, so you should keep your eyes out in the coming months.

Next up were slightly familiar faces to some – Ozone.  The energy drink company that has promised to support gaming and esports in South Africa has – by their own admission – been rather quiet the last few months.  This is due to delays in the product getting to our sunny shores.  All of this is about to change.  This very week, the product should start appearing in retail in the Western Cape with Johannesburg to follow.  It will also appear looking a little different to the logo which first was used.  The company took the opportunity to rebrand during the delays and the new look can and logo is contemporary and eye catching.  Gaming matters will be accompanied by a particularly fetching “fire” logo.

Wickus Nel from Ozone also took the opportunity to remind everyone of the PS3 v X360 Paintball Day happening on 30 September.  We’ll take the self same opportunity to remind you and also point out that the day will cost you just R50 as a player and any family members are welcome to come and watch for free.  The event will happen at G-Force Paintball on Bottleray Road and should be a fantastic day out for all.  Registration details soon.  Also coming in November and paintball related is ‘Hurt-Locker’ – a National Competition which will feature some of the best players in the country and will happen at Wingfield in Cape Town on the 10th and 11th of November.

Glenn took the opportunity to announce that 2upGamers will probably buck the trend and now have a permanent venue going forward.  This new venue will be the Ozone Warehouse and will host its first event on 12 October which will also feature a massive 128 man FIFA 13 tournament.  Also related to this venue change will be an opportunity to buy an entry ticket to the event at a special price which will include a case of Ozone.  The price of the ticket is still to be confirmed, but we have been told it will include a discounted entry cost and the “cheapest” way to buy Ozone – even cheaper than the retailers get it for.  According to Ozone this is their “thank you” to the gaming community for their support.

Also coming to the next event will be Rectron – who were also meant to be at 9th Zone but mysteriously disappeared into the Twilight Zone.  You will be able to purchase products direct from the supplier at the 10th …. [insert name here].

GecoSports’ Marlon looked a little like a rabbit caught in headlights when Glenn dropped the spotlight on him unexpectedly.  Cape Town Showdown will be holding an event at the esports club in October and there will be a Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition and Forza tournament in the very near future too.  A quick mention was made of the ‘King of Footie’ tournament – which I will be covering later today hopefully.  The tournament is a Musica, Mweb, EA and Xbox SA co-sponsored FIFA 12 tournament to find SA’s best player.  Four regionals and a grand final at Mweb’s HQ on 28 September – a date that just happens to coincide with the release of FIFA 13…

Supper time rolled around and consisted of – the now obligatory – platters and drinks from the cash bar.  For some it was more drinks than platters.  For others the samoosas and spring rolls appeared to be one and the same (samoosas are the triangular ones guys…).

Over in the corner for naughty boys, eGamer had set up some PlayStation 3s and the FIFA tournament kicked off.  The winners of the tournament – and also winners of Golden Tickets to the FIFA 13 launch at Mweb – were the team of Rohan and Francois.

Over in the grown-ups corner, the Ozone Exhibition Circle kicked off with the 2v2 SnD tournament on Modern Warfare 3.  The first round generally provided warm-ups for the stronger teams, with the competition really hotting up as the rounds went by.  In the end, XtaZ and TnGaming faced off in the final, which TnG took in an exciting display of map knowledge and skills.

And just like that, it was all over again.  The crowd drifted off to their respective homes and a few helpful souls hung around to lug 46” TVs down the stairs and into the cold night air…  Ah bugger.  That still doesn’t sound very dangerous does it?  Next time then.

For more pictures from the event, check our Facebook Album.

A personal thanks to some awesome people who helped make the event and the Modern Warfare 3 matches such a brilliant treat.  Thank you to all the participants who helped make the “tournament” run as smoothly as it did – without your participation it could not have happened.  Thanks to Nick Holden of Clan Connection who brought his competitive setup knowledge to help get things operating.  Thank you to the GecoSports guys for the use of their internet during the week for updates.  Also thanks to GecoSports for bringing along the Power A controllers used at the FIFA 12 tournament – the perfect opportunity for Xbox 360 fans to get their hands on a PS3 controller reminiscent of their beloved X360 controller.  Thanks to Des Kurz and the Mweb GameZone crew for loaning me the copies of MW3.  Thanks to Rectron for the use of the 23” monitors.  Thank you to Apex Interactive who have sponsored the Gioteck headsets used on the night.  Thanks Glenn Alexander for once again allowing a zombie to invade his human sanctuary and cause some chaos. 

If you have any feedback you would like to offer on the event, please feel free to comment below.  Future LAN setups will feature games such as Halo, Gears of War 3, Black ops 2, Forza, Fighting Games and more, but if you’re keen to see others or suggest an improvement, please do so.