It’s easy to become blasé about events like the ones 2upGamers are so effortlessly (at least from an attendee’s perspective) putting together.  You could easily expect to be treated to the same faces, the same activities and the same lame attempts at humour from yours truly in the coverage afterwards.  But that would be unfair on the gents behind the events, as every single one has had a clear focus for the night.  And clearly it takes a lot of effort and planning to organise.

The 4th Dimension proved to be no different.  While returning to its roots by heading back to the inaugural event’s venue at Rygersdal Sports Club and bringing two of the speakers from that event back on the stage, this event was marked more clearly with a feeling of community, carnival, charity and competition.  Along with some topless dancing.

With around 90 expectant attendees (not) crammed into the bigger venue, the event kicked off with returning speakers Cape Town Showdown.  In November 2011 they were there to talk about their (then upcoming) second event, but this time it was clear that their next event in April comes off the back of a successful growth period in the fighting scene.  The three organisers – Ryan, Ashraf and Nick – are still clearly passionate to grow from their second event’s 42 entrants over five tournaments.  After their ‘3rd Strike’ event, they are planning to look into expanding the current PS3 only fighting tournament to incorporate Xbox 360.  ‘3rd Strike’ will be happening on 27 and 28 April at The Settlers High School in Bellville and you can find out more on their official site.

Stuart and Nic from Clan Connection

Clan Connection’s Nic Holden and Stuart McGarrick took to the stage to discuss their new venture which plans to take competitive console gaming to new levels.  The chaps – originally the minds behind Xboxreel – are currently setting up a Modern Warfare 3 PS3 tournament which follows the already completed (and successful) Modern Warfare 3 Xbox 360 tournament, which featured SA’s first livestream for a competitive final.  The PS3 final will be streamed live on 25 March, and they hope to have Clan Connection trend again on the day.  We will be bringing you more about Clan Connection and the men behind it very soon.

Desmond Kurz from MWEB – who are involved with Clan Connection and was the second of the returning speakers – popped up long enough to instigate what would set the tone for the after-speakers entertainment.  And potentially make one attendee regret his desire to win a special Mass Effect 3 Cape Town Launch Pass.  Yeah byprd0ct, bet you wish you could dance as well as you flexed your muscles…

But before the carnival kicked off, the final speaker of the night introduced himself.  Jeeva is an old name in the PC gaming scene but one with big plans for the future.  His current project – GamerNET House – is a planned “safe environment” for gaming.  Currently being set up for operation in Boston, Bellville and planned to be open in a few weeks time, the space will cater for a 36 point LAN room along with a gaming shop.  He is also a representative for Razer and there is currently an opportunity to win some Razer goodies via Facebook. Another of his projects, this time in conjunction with Vitriolic Gaming is Barcraft which originally started in America.  Conceptually, Barcraft is a place to enjoy “beers, babes & battles” – something some of us usually only enjoy at home, but can now do with like minded souls.  Keep your eye on their site for details about their next event.

No 2upGamers would be complete without the charity of their local sponsors, and if there’s one thing that the 4th Dimension will be remembered for is the value of the prizes and give-aways that were on offer.  Takealot were on top form (and making their second appearance after ‘3rd Encounter’).   During the course of the evening, Judy Loubser from Takealot handed out Battlenet Authentication, Diablo 3 Beta Codes, an Xbox 360 console (yes, really) and a Diablo 3 Collector’s Edition (when it gets released) .

Of course, the giving didn’t stop there.  EA – while unable to attend two events in a row – did manage to be there in more than spirit.  Up for grabs via Twitter for attendees to the event was an Xbox 360 and a PS3 game bundle consisting of six (yes, six) titles: FIFA Street, SSX, Mass Effect 3, Syndicate, Kingdoms of Amalur and Grand Slam Tennis.

Friends of Design: "Alright, who wants to beat someone up for a voucher?"

But wait, that was not all.  Friends of Design also casually announced that starting with a little bit of competitive Street Fighter to whittle 20 possible winners down to ten they would be giving the ten said winners a R2500 training voucher each.  And not just for the 4th Dimension, but for every 2upGamers event for the rest of the year.

With the smell of the ubiquitous pizza in the air and the free Monster sending gamers into a frenzied caffeine-driven rush, the structured order of evening took its turn to that of the carnival.  The “dance off, fight off and eat off” had begun.  Glenn Alexander stalked the crowd like a crazed ringmaster announcing Dance Central scores for MWEB’s Mass Effect 3 Launch Scores and calling for contestants to beat each other senseless for the Friends of Design vouchers.  The competitions were on and those that wanted to win would go as far as to undress (well partially) for some of the prizes.

If you want to see grown men dancing to Bananarama’s ‘Venus’ while trying to retain their dignity, we’d suggest not watching the video below.  If you wished you’d been there in person to see it, maybe next time get in early and register – you might just become the next winner of something awesome.  Or you’ll at least have an awesome time.

Keep your eyes on Zombiegamer and on 2upGamers for the announcements of their upcoming event which you probably shouldn’t miss…

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