With the coming of cloud gaming and Smart TV’s with internet connections, some in the industry have suggested that consoles could be phased out all together in future.

Speaking with GamesIndustryBiz 2K Games head, Christoph Hartmann suggested that he is not totally convinced we will see the console become obsolete, and believes we should always have a need for the platform.

“The way your games are going to get transmitted from one source to the gamer might change, but I’m talking about big, huge quality games,” he said.

“When I talk console games, I’m talking about huge experiences with many hours of gaming… and you will always need a major platform for those titles.

“I don’t know what we will have in the future, maybe a PS 15 or something, but we will need the hardware,” Hartmann suggested.

Hartmann also notes that streaming games or cloud gaming is great in theory, but will require an improvement in internet infrastructure to succeed, and the 2K head does not believe this will happen anytime soon.

“The whole streaming and cloud thing is just nice words until the [internet infrastructure improves].

“I don’t believe in cloud gaming until a cable provider stops breaking my internet connection every morning, when everyone logs in at the same time.

“I don’t see this being fixed for a long, long time,” Hartmann claimed.