Super Elite Spotted

Well looky looky here.

An Amazon ad in Germany was spotted selling an Elite 250gig with Forza 3 at around 40 Euros more than the current Elite price. I can understand with the Pro dropped out of the line-up and the current Elite’s price drop,  why Microsoft would want to up their harddrive size, so I am not all surprised that we will see a bigger Elite,  but Forza 3 is only supposed to be released end October so WTF?

Apparantely the NAG mag has an ad from BT Games with this new Xbox 360 Super 250gig for R 4 699.00. So it seems as this is the new MacDaddy in the Xbox range.

Thanks to Uberutang ZA and Bokka1 for spotting this news and submitting it to me.


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