We recently covered Project Pets, and in doing so mentioned our belief that gaming can really make a difference. Now, add streaming to the mix and you have a real winner. Make it a 168 hour stream and you will also have some pretty tired gamers and streamers.

The #168hours4charity live stream event is – in a nutshell – a “streamer marathon for change”. This event will feature multiple local streamers aiming to raise awareness and funds for charity organisations. Currently four charities have been confirmed for the event: Smile, CHOC, CANSA and Starfish. The search is ongoing for additional sponsors and streamers to ensure the event reaches its full potential. The organiser is also chatting with ‘a game developer’ to arrange some game keys.

ZAstreams will be assisting with the technical accepts of this mammoth challenge which will run from 10 to 17 June 2019. Over the course of the seven days (and 24 hours per day) streamers will present time slots on the roster. On completion of their slot, they will continue to host each other, ensuring there is no down time in the trail of streamers.

Dexter Roderick, the man behind the concept, gave some more insight into the event:

Originally I was focusing on charities for children, I’m a dad so that kind of thing is pretty high up on my priority list. While looking up local charities to get in touch with I did come across CANSA and thought I would just contact them and see what they say, after a phone call with one of the guys there I decided to add them on the list. Cancer affects families massively and in many aspects of life, especially to children, whether they are suffering from it themselves or losing a parent to the disease.

There are many reasons we could do the event, so I guess this first one should be for Cancer awareness, and maybe in the next event we focus primarily on another aspect of life that could use funds and awareness.

The vision is to help turn the passion and drive of the South African content creators into making a difference in people’s lives through the charities. The aspiration is to make this a yearly event
where digital meets real life and we make a difference together.

We will keep you updated as details continue to be made available, and as always urge you to support the local scene. Especially when it’s attempting to make a change.